Partner for German

"Language is the dress of thought"
Samuel Johnson, English writer and scholar.

I am a DaF-teacher (DaF: German as a foreign language), certified by the Goethe-Institute.
I teach individually or in small groups. Thanks to my broad experience with foreigners in Germany and abroad I have learned to respond to people coming from very different cultures.

I endeavour to kindle students’ enthusiasm for my mother tongue so that learning becomes easy and fun.

I teach:

  • proper pronunciation.
  • reading, writing and grammar.
  • German as a precise, descriptive, clear and lively language.
  • in-depth spoken and written German on specialist topics.
  • lively conversational German, occasionally during a trip through historic Berlin.
  • debate on political, literary or social topics.
  • amusing examples of German words and phrases to avoid!

Above all, the German language opens up a rich new world to my students.

Appointments and price points can be arranged.

  • ++ los geht es
  • ++ unter vier Augen
  • ++ Massendemonstration
  • ++ sei doch still
  • ++ Krawalltante
  • ++ zähe Verhandlungen
  • ++ endgültiges Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts
  • ++ ins Abseits geraten
  • ++ über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh
  • ++ der letzte Schrei
  • ++ Ottos Mops trotzt
  • ++ ehrbarer Kaufmann
  • ++ per E-Mail schicken
  • ++ teurer Spaß
  • ++ Berliner Schnauze
  • ++ denglisch
  • ++ Mischpoke
  • ++ nach den Sternen greifen
  • ++ erlauben Sie mir eine Frage
  • ++ abenteuerliche Zustände