I am interested in people, be they Spanish entrepreneur, American architect, British conductor or German astronaut. I encapsulate a pioneering spirit or enquire about parallels between good management and conducting an orchestra. I benefit from my knowledge of foreign languages (fluent in English, Russian, Spanish and French).

I try to familiarize the reader with complex issues, so that they become enthused. I have published a series of articles about the research of internationalscientists for the Corporate Publishing Section of Gruner + Jahr, amongst them the award-winning neurobiologist Ansgar Büschges. The focus of these articles was the initially obscure, then highly rewarding work of scientific researchers. The articles dealt not only with complex content but also with the human personalities behind the science.

For advertising agencies I develop and write informational material aimed at journalists. I worked with the Berlin based advertisement agency WeDo in a campaign for Volkswagen, designing and writing a series about top athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.
I also write articles for in-house magazines and brochures (such as for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the Helios clinics, the accounting and tax advisory company Trinavis, the consultancy Consileon and the private bank Donner & Reuschel) or I help planning and structuring the program of conferencessuch as for the Berlin based state owned Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

I write speeches for the agency Petershagen Kommunikation, amongst others. This might mean finding the right words to calm down the employees of a troubled enterprise, or winning them over to internal restructuring.

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